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The ultimate character-building, fighting card game!

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Karacterz: The Ultimate Character-Building, Fighting Card Game!! Check out the new Target Cards!

Karacterz: The Ultimate Character-Building, Fighting Card Game!!

Only 9 days after the release of the ultimate character-building, fighting card game known as Karacterz, we released an addition to make the game more fair and more fun!

This addition is Target Cards. We have found in games with 3 or more people, it is easy to pick a better opponent to attack after revealing your actions. Depending on the group of people, this is not a problem or even makes Karacterz more fun. However, for those who wish an absolutely fair game, players will need Target Cards.
To use this addition, each player grabs a Target card that looks like another player’s Core card. During the game, pick the card you wish to play along with a Target card that matches the Core card of the opponent you wish to attack and reveal them together at the appropriate time. When you’re playing a boost or block, you may also play a Target card to trick your opponents into thinking you’re attacking and hiding your true intention to block or boost instead.
These cards can be purchased along with the game in a bundle pack here for only $1 or here separately for $3.99.
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