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We are proud to introduce a new way to play Karacterz: Draft Style!

Draft Style streamlines your Karacterz experiences by reducing play time by about an hour. This enables everyone to fit a game of Karacterz better into their busy lives!

Check out our video and written rules at the Draft Style page!

Hello Karacterz followers!

We are proud to announce the birth of our company, Landratt, LLC! Landratt comes from subtracting the first letter from my wife and I’s names and combining our names to one word. Also, it’s an awesome name for an awesome game development studio!

Landratt LLC workstationWe’ve had our first board meeting and decided that we are ready to hire artists to help us illustrate our cards! We are going to start with local artists and artists we know before hiring outside our network. Overall, the art for the game will be a collaboration of many artists with varying degrees of skill. Since we are starting up, we plan on supporting artists who are in college or beginning their careers as professional artists. We are also planning on adding profile pages on our website closer to the release of the game for those who worked on the Karacterz card game.

The next playtesting sessions are inching ever closer. The new prototype has been printed and is in the testing phase before moving on to the playtesting. I personally have reason to believe that not much needs to be done with the game, other than balancing the numbers and art/design, before it is ready for release!

It is I, the boyfriend/husband who is co-creating Karacterz with the lovely designer of this site. I have often attempted to update this website to let you, the world, know that we’re still working on Karacterz; however, I tend to work on the actual game instead. 90% of the days, I’m working on Karacterz every day.

First, I would like to state that we are making Karacterz to fit you. That’s right. A game that is so flexible, that players can play it like they wish. Don’t want to be competitive or serious? Great! Play by yourself? Perfect! Want to make up house rules or create your own style? Awesome! I hope that by the time Karacterz is released that everyone will get to enjoy the game for their own, special reason.

Now,  I shall announce what I’ve done…so far.

We have updated the rulebook to the most current use of the rules and its vocabulary.  It turned out to be an 11-page, letter-sized book. The rulebook included examples of each part of the rules and an extensive glossary.

Next, we hosted two playtesting sessions with invited co-workers. It was our first time letting those outside our family to play the game. What a success it turned out to be! The first session was with four college-aged men and women (2 each), split into two mixed groups. They all had different levels of experience with games: one played lots of card games, another lots of video games, one plays some games and another hardly played any games at all. We all had a great time not taking the game too seriously; winning or losing, it didn’t matter. The second session was with gentleman just a few years older that is very, very experienced with card games. He took his time learning the game and getting the most benefit from playing the game seriously. We ended up only playing one game, but it provided very valuable insight!

It didn’t matter if you are male, female, experienced or not…Karacterz is a very fun game! We were so happy the sessions were successful because it felt like the half-decade we spent working on it is paying off. We also learned a few other things that’d help:

  • Nobody wants to read 11 pages of text to play a game and if you do, it takes over an hour to absorb all that information!
  • Karacterz still has loopholes. If taken seriously, it may damage the game. If not, then it’s hella fun!
  • Karacterz plays just as well with 3 people as it does 2. This opens up new possibilities for our game!

That was 4 months ago. So…I decided to make the game better!

  • I added more interactivity between the Physical, Agility and Magic decks.
  • I got rid of the idea that some cards are better than others. Now, each card variety should be just as good as the other! They all have different abilities than each other.
  • We made the 11-page rulebook into a 1-page summary!!! What an achievement this was. We actually added more choices for players in the summary. It actually contains more options than the 11-page rulebook ever did. So far.
  • We’ve changed some vocabulary to make the game and the player’s actions more exciting. No more using words like “default” when you do something.
  • New stats, cards and strategies are in the early testing phase. This will make the game more varied, exciting and have more depth.

In fact, Karacterz has so much added depth, that its learning curve has become much steeper. So, we’re thinking to split the learning curves in two: one that has all the fundamentals of the game and the other also has all the strategy and depth an advanced player can hope for. I’m also thinking the learning curve can be split into as many pieces as the player(s) want. By splitting the features into their own parts, players can introduce themselves to these features as quickly or slowly as they like.

For the “near” future, we’d like to host another invitation-only playtesting session(s) to be able to gain more valuable insight on Karacterz. We’ve had so much more progress in this last year than any of the other 4 years that I hope by the end of this 6th year (this coming summer) that we’d be looking into the art and design for the game.

I would like to thank everyone who’s encouraged and helped us with making Karacterz. Your support means worlds to us.


I’ve been really busy with lots of projects, work and trips over the past couple weeks. Went to see my boyfriend’s brother graduate high school this last weekend and now I think I am getting a cold. As for the card game it has been put on the back burner for the moment will try to get back to it soon. The boyfriend is also trying to make more time to work on it. When his work slows down for the summer he will definitely start working on it again. Thanks for your patience.

I keep feeling like the game is going to be hard to sell at a decent price and with a nominal profit. I want to take into consideration things like buying supplies from the USA as well as recycled paper and eco-friendly options. However, cutting costs and finding ways to make this game affordable seems to make it harder for us to make decisions about the game that might make it more earth friendly and locally produced. It is difficult to compete with larger companies since many sites we have looked into for publishing charge very high fees to create your game and much of the work is outsourced overseas. That is why we are considering doing the whole process ourselves if we can find high quality materials that will be comparable to the professional job a larger company can provide. We still have time to find more ideas that will help us to cut costs I really hope we can find a way to make this work. Check out the cost analysis on the Buy and Print page.