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Karacterz Artwork Updates

Current updates to the the artwork for the Karacterz card game

Good news, everyone! We had more playtesting and have a new illustration to show you!


The Karacterz card game has been an overall success we have involved college-aged player and older in the playtesting process so far. There has been a lot of positive feedback but there are some small issues that have been brought up consistently in most of our games. Most of these issues are in the design and look of the game rather than the actual game mechanics so we are going to start working on the next level in our prototypes! These prototypes will feature our current, most up-to-date designs and all the illustration we have so far. They will also be printed and cut professionally by our future manufacturers!


We are also incredibly happy with our progress towards our illustration goal. We have a total of 78 cards that need illustrations and so far we have acquired 4 illustration and are in the process of contracting with more artists to produce quality illustrations for the Karacterz card game.


We have also Savvy Sasquatch Design to thank for our newest Illustration!

This is a work-for-hire illustration of Quarterstaff by SavvySasquatch Designs for Karacterz.

This is a work-for-hire illustration of Quarterstaff by Savvy Sasquatch Design for Karacterz.


It will be a while before we have more playtesting sessions, but in the mean time, we will work hard to acquire (and post!) new illustrations!

Hello Karacterz followers,

Thank you all for your continued interest in the development of our card game, Karacterz.

Over the past few months we have started to have small business counseling sessions to develop a business plan moving forward where we size up the market to see the full potential our game has to offer as well as the ability to seek quality investors and funding options.

Illustrations and Playtesting

We have also begun self funding for quality illustrations from amateur and professional artists alike. We intend to hire up to 78 artists total to showcase their artwork and unique skill sets to best match the needs of our card game. Our site will also include short biographies of each artist that includes basic information and links to their other works. Landratt LLC believes that good artwork is a crucial aspect to the aesthetic and overall presentation of our game. For these reasons we have decided to be a little unconventional by using two card sizes and allowing artists more card space to showcase their images.

This a for hire illustration of the Blade Dancer by Alena Swan

This a work for hire illustration of the Blade Dancer by Alena Swan for the Karacterz card game.


This is a work for hire illustration of the Duelist by Kat Lee for the Karacterz card game.


Due to unforeseen weather conditions one of our previous playtesting sessions of our game was put on hold in early February. Now with the weather back to normal we will start play testing again.

We had our first a play testing session on 2/28/2014 we implemented the use of a demonstration deck technique to teach the basic fundamentals of the game. We are hoping to streamline the process so the game is easily self taught making it much more efficient to playtest with even larger groups.

Thanks to all our participants for helping us to learn more about the flaws and strengths of our game. All your input is important to us  as we want to make the game flexible to different kinds of play and for different skill levels. We hope to gather lots of information from you the consumer before making any huge changes to the game cards as to quicken the playtesting process and also to find out if there are common trends in what works and doesn’t work for our game.


If you are interested in participating in a future playtesting session and live in Oregon, please feel free to email us at


If you are interested in illustrating a work for hire drawing for the Karacterz card game please send us a link or samples of your work and preference for the type of artwork you would like to draw. We need illustrations for different weapons, armor, combat actions (such as blocks, boosts or attacks), classes, backgrounds, origins, masteries.  You can email this information to

We hope all the playtesters enjoyed your experience and will follow our progress in the future. Thanks for all your help to make this possible we couldn’t do it without willing playtesters ready to try something new. We are also grateful to the amazing artists we has been fortunate to work with including Alena Swan (Profile) (Daily Inspiration Artwork 2/2014) for the Blade Dancer Illustration and Kat Lee (Profile) for the Duelist Illustration.

Hello Karacterz followers!

We are proud to announce the birth of our company, Landratt, LLC! Landratt comes from subtracting the first letter from my wife and I’s names and combining our names to one word. Also, it’s an awesome name for an awesome game development studio!

Landratt LLC workstationWe’ve had our first board meeting and decided that we are ready to hire artists to help us illustrate our cards! We are going to start with local artists and artists we know before hiring outside our network. Overall, the art for the game will be a collaboration of many artists with varying degrees of skill. Since we are starting up, we plan on supporting artists who are in college or beginning their careers as professional artists. We are also planning on adding profile pages on our website closer to the release of the game for those who worked on the Karacterz card game.

The next playtesting sessions are inching ever closer. The new prototype has been printed and is in the testing phase before moving on to the playtesting. I personally have reason to believe that not much needs to be done with the game, other than balancing the numbers and art/design, before it is ready for release!

Continued progress on the card game


We have been working very hard on the Karacterz card game. We decided to start from scratch to make sure that the titles and abilities for each card matched each other. We are focusing on the fine tuning on the Masters deck which will be our first printed edition. We printed off the newest version to play test. It will take many games to make sure we have worked out the issues with the game. Soon we will begin playtesting with other individuals to give us more feedback on the game.


I’ve had a lot of time-off from one of my part-time jobs due to my client rehabiliation after surgery. She is on the path to recovery during her stay at a rehabilitation facility. This time off has really allowed me to work more on the card game. I have been focusing on creating symbols and card templates. I am nearly finished with the agility deck cards and will start working on the template for the other decks. I will need to work on fine tuning the cards once we have finalized the text used on all the cards. Here is a sample agility deck card as well as some of the symbols I created for the card game.

Sample Agility Deck Card and Icons

Karacterz card game sample Agility Deck Card
Karacterz card game icon and deck symbols

The cards include a title, stats, card type, icons, value, abilities and card requirements. The icons shows above represent one or two handed, recycle, storable and bladed weapon. The deck symbols represent agility, magic, physical and support decks and abilities.

Here are some cards from other games for comparison

Magic the Gathering Terastodon Baloth Green CardLord of the Rings Card Game Wolf Commander

Check out how to play the Karacterz card game for some more icons.

It’s been a good week for the card game and a nice break from work. Saw family for Thanksgiving, ate some good food and took advantage of Black Friday deals.

Black Friday

Happy times. I even got a great deal on a laptop at Best Buy and can start to use Adobe CS5 programs on it. Up until now I have had to use the desktop TV computer for working with these programs. I am glad to have it on the laptop I use every day so it is a little less of a hassle to work on the card game graphics. My new laptop has windows 8 which is definitely a change from the previous operating systems. Overall, I have found a lot of annoyances (switching from desktop to start screen, some applications stop when you leave specifically pandora radio, lots of new shortcuts to remember,etc…) but also a lot of better features (easier connect-ability online, settings for some things are simpler and more straight forward,etc…). I’m still up in the air as to whether I like this new system. Time will tell.

Me and my husband were able to purchase a bunch of games and movies for way less than regular price and get a couple of gifts on Black Friday. I have never went shopping right when the stores open on Thursday and Friday so I was quite surprised by the number of people. I always thought it was a crazy day for larger cities but even here it was crazier than I expected. The line for Best Buy went all the way around the building. At least it moved fairly quickly once the store opened.

Card Game

As for the card game we spent all of Saturday working on it. We printed out and cut the new card game decks. Then we played about 4 games this weekend. Still finding a lot of tweaks to make in order to prevent some cards from being too overpowered. On Sunday we did some tweaks to the rules and I started making some icons for the game. It was much easier with Photoshop on my laptop since I could also watch something else on the TV computer while I worked. =) Needless to say it has been a relaxing but productive few days for the card game. I hope we can keep up the work on the card game next week as well.

Have a good week.