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The ultimate character-building, fighting card game!

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Karacterz Card Game Updates

Current updates related to the Karacterz card game.

The biggest holiday sale is here! From now until 01/15, enjoy up to 50% off Karacterz and Karacterz accessories. This sale has the biggest discounts we have ever offered.

Go to our storefront page and check out the prices!

Alandra is proud of our booth!

As for updates, we have recently created web pages for every artist that we commissioned to make Karacterz. These pages include links to their portfolio(s), a picture of their illustration(s) and our recommendation to future employers. Check them out by hovering over “History of the Game” and then “Karacterz Illustrators”. The list is huge, but fun to check out!

At the end of the year, we will finish another project we have always wanted to demonstrate to interested people: financial transparency. We will present a summary of the monies we have received and spent where those monies went towards. Our intention is to do this every year, and since we haven’t since we started, we will post summaries from 2013 through 2017. Then, we will add a new year at the end of each year. 2018 will be posted at the end of 2018, 2019 will be posted at the end of 2019 and so on.

We are also preparing for more conventions! Matt has applied to present a panel about card games at Miyako Con at Salem in February and we are going to attend Meadowlark Con at Medford with TZIgames, developer of our favorite minis game, Steampocalypse 1909! More updates on that later.

Happy Holidays from everyone here at Landratt, LLC!

We had lots of fun at the 3rd annual Eugene Comic Con (EUCON)!

Landratt, LLC will like to extend a warm welcome to our new customers and fans! Thank you for visiting our website, where we plan to post more updates on the evolution of Karacterz. We are also active on Facebook and Twitter. Welcome to Karacterz!

Sharing our booth with Allies, LLC and TZI Games, we were able to meet lots of fun and interesting people. We became reaquainted with our biggest fans, shared Karacterz with great cosplayers as well as other exhibitors. In fact, two artists who contributed to Karacterz, Kevin McCoy and Rick Marcks, were also at EUCON this year too!

BIG NEWS: We did business with the exhibitors from Chronos Games & Gifts, who will sell Karacterz at the conventions they attend. They are a convention-only shop based in Portland, OR and also sells products at Portland’s premier tabletop gaming convention, Gamestorm!

EUCON has always been kind to us and given us the opportunity to share our passions with those who would have the most fun with our games. Thank you to those who make EUCON possible and lots of fun!

We have just finished a rough draft of the most anticipated section of our upcoming rulebook! Our demo game has been updated to be more friendly to those learning how to play Karacterz. The demo features the basics of the game. Check it out below.


Demo Rough Draft1


Got any criticism or questions? We would love to hear from you! Email us at

Four box designs enter…only one may be chosen!

We have designed four different layouts for the bottom of the Karacterz box. They all look great, but we need your help to choose which one is the best.

The selected design will be at our Eugene Comic Con booth this November along with all of the components for the Karacterz card game inside the box.


The contents of the design are subject to change, because there’s always something that can be improved!

Thank you very much, from Landratt, LLC!


Landratt, LLC introduces Season One: Summer, the first competitive Karacterz league.  Everyone has a chance to win something, including new cards and permanent spots on our leaderboard. Play as often as you want, when you want to play!

Become the first Karacterz World Champion!

Entry is free with a purchase of Karacterz, or have already purchased Karacterz.

Landratt, LLC will be hosting sessions in Eugene, OR where purchase of Karacterz is not required. Entry is $10 $5 per person without the purchase of Karacterz. That is 50% off for the first season only! Payment is due before your first Season One match. Players under the age of 18 must obtain parent or guardian consent.

Season One: Summer starts the week of June 5th through 11th. Every Sunday starting June 11th, your group’s representative will e-mail every player’s damage pile in each match to These scores will be posted on our website and will be tracked in real time who is the current Karacterz World Champion! The competition will last for 8 weeks and the last day will be July 30th.

The local game sessions will be every Wednesday throughout the competition, starting between 5:30pm and 6:30pm inside Funagain Games.

All players will form groups of either 2, 3 or 4 players. Every group has a representative that will be in charge of filling out Match Sheets with who played and how much damage each player had in their damage pile at the end of the game. For groups outside our local Eugene area, the representative will also be the player that accepts and distributes all prizes. The representative may or may not participate in Season One: Summer. Players may play with different players, but every player must use the same name or username.

Group representatives must have access to Paypal and are fluent in English.

Everybody is a winner at the end of the Season One: Summer competition!

The Grand Prize will be given to 3 competitiors! The player with the highest overall rank, the player who dealt the most damage and the player who had the least amount of damage in their damage piles all win the big prize. The prize includes:

  • A booster pack of exclusive pre-released cards.
  • A certificate signed by Landratt, LLC declaring their achievement.
  • A PDF of two high-quality, ready-to-print illustrations from the Karacterz card game.

The highest ranked player in the Draft Style also wins the grand prize!

Every player in the group will receive a certificate of achievement. There 6 secret awards of special acheivements and a sticker too! 
Every player’s achievements and rank will have a permanent home on our website!

Email, message or post your questions, concerns and excitement!