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The ultimate character-building, fighting card game!

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Deck List

Version Updates


Below is the list of cards for the first release of Karacterz. For other releases, please click on a button below:

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All cards listed are in the first release of Karacterz, sorted by their appropriate deck or type:

6x Core Cards (Male and Female for each Magic-Icon Agility-Icon Physical-Icon)

12 Class Cards (3 For each Magic-Icon Agility-Icon Physical-Icon)

“Purple Cards”: 16 Cards
2x Phase 1/Phase 2 Reference Cards
2x Symbol Guide/Class Requirements Reference Cards
4x Half/Full Block Cards
4x Half/Full Boost Cards
4x Half/Full Attack Cards

Magic-Icon Deck: 36 Cards
6x Magic-Icon Stat Cards (1 in Demo)
1x Magic Item Mastery
1x Elemental Mastery
1x Magic Robe
1x Padded Armor (in Demo)
1x Spellwrought Shield
2x Magic Staff (1 in Demo)
2x Wand
2x Enhancement Spell (1 in Demo)
2x Magical Deflection
5x Fireball (1 in Demo)
3x Rock Barrage (1 in Demo)
3x Arctic Burst
2x Tornado (1 in Demo)
4x Elemental Shield (1 in Demo)

Agility-Icon Deck: 36 Cards
6x Agility-Icon Stat Cards (1 in Demo)
1x Dual-Wield Mastery
1x Quarterstaff Mastery
1x Gi
1x Buckler
1x Quarterstaff (in Demo)
3x Dagger (1 in Demo)
2x Scimitar
1x Bow
2x Offensive Tactics (1 in Demo)
2x Defensive Tactics
2x Rapid Strikes (1 in Demo)
2x Precise Strike
2x Penetrating Attack
2x Graceful Swing
2x Spinning Jump Kick
2x Counter Attack
3x Dodge (1 in Demo)

Physical-Icon Deck: 36 Cards
6x Physical-Icon Stat Cards (1 in Demo)
1x Armor Mastery
1x Weapon Mastery (in Demo)
1x Full Plate Armor
1x Kozane Armor
1x Chain Mail
1x Half Plate Armor
1x Kite Shield
1x Rondache (in Demo)
1x Katana
1x Wakizashi
3x Sword
3x Focus
4x Practiced Strike (1 in Demo)
3x 1-2 Combo
3x Sweeping Strike
4x Parry

Support-Icon Deck: 36 Cards
6x Magic-Icon Stat Cards
6x Agility-Icon Stat Cards
6x Physical-Icon Stat Cards
1x Academy Graduate
1x Ancient Tradition
1x Prodigy
1x Independently Studied (in Demo)
1x Combat Mastery
1x Boost Mastery
1x Stamina Mastery (in Demo)
4x Healing Potion
4x Mana Potion
3x Resistance Potion

When you bought your copy of Karacterz, it comes with some cards organized together separated by the “Purple Cards” from the rest of the cards in Box 1. These are the same cards used in our video demonstration, pre-shuffled so you could easily play along with the video.

Here is the list of the cards in our video demonstration. Place each card face-down, starting with the card listed on top of each pile: (Unless specified, all cards have only one copy in the demo)

Core Cards:
Agility-Icon Female
Magic-Icon Male

“Purple Cards”:
1x Phase 1/Phase 2 Reference Card
1x Symbol Guide/Class Requirements Reference Card
2x Half/Full Block Cards
2x Half/Full Boost Cards
2x Half/Full Attack Cards

Class Cards:

Magic-Icon Deck:
Rock Barrage
Elemental Shield
Magic-Icon Stat Card
Padded Armor
Enhancement Spell
Magic Staff

Agility-Icon Deck:
Offensive Tactics
Rapid Strikes
Agility-Icon Stat Card

Physical-Icon Deck:
Weapon Mastery
Practiced Strike
Physical-Icon Stat Card

Support-Icon Deck:
Stamina Mastery
Independently Studied