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Draft Style streamlines your Karacterz experience by reducing play time by about an hour.

Check out the video below to learn how to play Draft Style! Feel free to also read the written rules below.

To play Draft Style requires setting up play differently. Except for a couple special considerations in Phase 1, the rest of the game is played just like any other playthrough.


  1. Separate the Core, Class, Half/Full Purple cards as well as the Magic-Icon, Agility-Icon, Physical-Icon and Support-Icon decks into separate piles.
  2. Each player takes one of the Magic-Icon, Agility-Icon, Physical-Icon or Support-Icon decks. Each player must select a different deck.
  3. Each player selects cards out of the chosen deck. The chosen cards are briefly shuffled and placed back in the middle of the table. All other cards are given to the player on their left.
    • In a 2-player game, everyone selects 10 cards. All 10 can be chosen at once or in two groups of 5.
    • In a 3-player game, everyone selects 7 cards.
    • In a 4-player game, everyone selects 5 cards.
  4. Repeat choosing cards until every player has selected cards from each of the four decks. Place remaining cards aside. They will not be used during play.
  5. Shuffle each of the Magic-Icon, Agility-Icon, Physical-Icon and Support-Icon decks and return them to the middle of the table.
  6. Give each player one Half/Full Block, Half/Full Boost and Half/Full Attack card. Place any extra purple cards aside. The will not be used during play.
    • The Phase 1/Phase 2 and Symbol Guide/Class Requirements cards are guides to help players during play. They may be freely given and passed around among the players or set aside if no player desires these guide cards.
  7. Every player then takes a turn selecting a Core card either by choice or at random. Place the Core in your playing area. Set aside any extra Core cards; they will not be used during play.

You are now ready to play an epic game of Karacterz! Proceed to Phase 1 as written in our official rules.

Special Considerations:

There are two rules that are in effect when playing Draft Style during Phase 1.

  1. Phase 1 ends immediately when every player cannot draw 4 cards into their hand.
    • In a 2-Player game, the game ends when there is a total of 7 or less cards in the middle of the table.
    • A 3-Player game ends when there are a total of 11 cards or less.
    • A 4-Player game ends when there are a total of 15 cards or less.
  2. Players who have selected a Class card that requires him or her to draw from a specific deck as well as the Support-Icon deck, that player may freely draw from the Support-Icon deck if there are no cards remaining in any other decks they had to draw from.
    • All other players must wait until there are no longer cards in any other deck besides the Support-Icon deck to freely draw from the Support-Icon. Until then, they must discard cards from their hand to draw from the Support-Icon deck.

It is Phase 1 and Matt has chosen Mage for his Class card. To be a Mage, he can only draw from the Magic-Icon and Support-Icon decks throughout Phase 1. Alandra became a deadly Blade Dancer for her Class card and is not restricted on which decks she may draw from.

During Matt’s turn, the Magic-Icon deck ran out of cards. He draws the remaining cards from the Support-Icon deck. There are still cards in the Agility-Icon and Physical-Icon decks so Alandra must discard cards from her hand to draw from the Support-Icon deck.