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There are currently no game reviews for the Karacterz card game. However, you can check out our game reviews below. Games like Catan, Munchkin and Dominion have inspired our own Karacterz card game. I hope you can learn more about these fantastic games and decide if you would like to try them out for yourself.
munchkin game review
Settlers of Catan - Game Review


I love this game because it changes each time you play and you can use a different strategy each time. Each terrain tile produces a different resource that you can get when you roll a dice showing that resource. You compete to build up your towns and roads while trying to hinder your opponent(s). This is a great strategy game that will challenge those familiar with playing Risk and Monopoly. A new bonus each game and changing terrain tiles make each game unique. No one person will be able to dominate during every game leading to a more satisfying gaming experience. It is appropriate for all ages so why not give it a try.

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This game has inspired us to make a game that changes each time you play with multiple possibilies during each session. Please check for more updates about the Karacterz card game to see the latest progress on this ever-changing game.
Munchkin - Game Review

MUNCHKIN – Game Review

This game takes the best of DND and makes it into a parody of fun. The rules and play are simple while poking fun at classic fantasy dungeon crawler games. You can kill everything you meet and back stab your allies and more. It is fast paced compared to its predecessors and can be picked up by even a novice gamer. Steve Jackson is the best at combining comedy with fun and easy game play. It is great for any group of friends. This game is even appropriate for kids and adults alike. There are also several expansions that make this game even more enjoyable to play in the long run. Give it a try.

Buy “Munchkin” Today!Buy Munchkin Today!

This game inspired us to make a game that is fun for even a novice to play and you can play in any genre including fantasy.  If you enjoyed this game please check the site again for more updates about the Karacterz card game.
Dominion - Game Review

Dominion – Game Review
Dominion is a fast paced and challenging game that allows you to have a different experience during each game. Although it comes with many decks you must decide which decks you will use during any given game. The point of the game is for each player to expand their territory with estate, duchy and province cards. The one with the most territory at the end of the game is the winner. Some strategies include hurting your opponent, increasing your wealth, getting certain card combinations to add to your deck. It is an addictive and quick game that is good for a family or adults. It has a wonderful tutorial and is quick to learn for even novice gamers.

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We just recently purchased this game but it has given us a lot of incite into how to make a fun and fast game with many different ways to play the game. It is giving us many ideas for our own game. If you enjoyed this game please check for more updates about the Karacterz card game.

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