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The history of the game starts with our idea to make a game that is not only fun to play even for novice gamers but also extremely free-form allowing a person to create a novel character each time they play the game. Several years ago, me and my husband started working on such a game. It started as a board game. We had lots of general ideas of what we wanted our game to be but we decided that not only was it impractical and expensive but it was difficult to make it understandable. We also wanted to create a dynamic map system but were unable to figure out how to make it a reality. That is when we ended this project and packed it at the back of the closet for safe keeping.   A couple years passed before we thought about the idea of making a game again. So we began work on another project this time it seemed a lot more possible since we had an idea for making a free form card game. We thought of many ideas and ways we wanted to expand upon this idea. We knew that in order to do this we needed to create a basic game that we could build upon in the future. Karacterz is this game.   We are nearing the completion of this game and are thrilled with how it has turned out. Now what we need is a lot of time playing the game to make sure that all aspects of the game are balanced for a competitive but fun game play. We have already had great feedback from several playtesting sessions we had and are moving on to making completed card prototypes.   At this point we feel confident to move forward with hiring artists to complete artwork for 77 cards. We would like to be able to collaborate with many artists of varying skill levels to complete the card game hiring both professional and novice artists alike. As a fledgling start-up company we would like to give others in a similar situation a chance to show off their talent and be part of this amazing project. Currently we wish we had the financial backing to support such a massive hiring of artists but for now it will be a slow process hiring only a couple artists at a time. If you are interested in learning more about contributing artwork to this game please email us at   This has been a long project in the making. My husband and I have been together for over 9 years and been working off and on on this project for about 7 years. Our dream is to make this game a reality and bring the fun of Karacterz to the public. We need some financial assistance to bring this game to life. The price to hire artists and manufacture the game is much more than we could possible afford in the next couple years. Over the course of the next 10-20 yrs there is a possibility we could continue to work our current low-end full time jobs and save enough money to afford to print our first edition of the game. We really don’t want to have to wait for such an amazing product to be presented to the world and can use all the support we can get. Please donate below (any amount is helpful) or send an email ( to get further details on our budget and expenses moving forward. I also have included a small detail below showing our current expenses as of 11/7/2014. We hope that by taking a look around the website that you are impressed enough with our work and dedications to make a donation of your own.   At some point it is our goal to look into crowdsourcing as a way to fund the manufacturing of our product. As it is now we still need money to make a completed product with beautiful illustrations, format and designs as well as artwork for a box, rulebook, logos and many other expenses along the way. Thanks for your support!!

Financials as of 9/29/2015

  • Total expenses: $12,901.39
  • Total income: $340


  • Illustrations: $11,567.13 (76 of 77 completed)
  • Financial: $236.00
  • Learning Materials: $230.22
  • Marketing: $16.63
  • Research: $207.33
  • Office Supplies: $94.84
  • Online/Website: $436.88
  • Playtesting:$104.36
  • Other: $8.00
  • Donations: $340.00

Financials as of 11/07/2014

  • Total expenses: $6,211.98
  • Total income: $310


  • Illustrations: $5,566.83 (36 of 77 completed)
  • Financial: $136.00
  • Learning Materials $49.84
  • Research: $59.20
  • Office Supplies: $94.84
  • Online/Website: $158.00
  • Playtesting; $104.36
  • Donations: $310

Financials as of 06/15/2014

  • Total expenses: $2560.08
  • Total income: $220


  • Illustrations: $1976.84  (13 of 77 completed)
  • Financial: $136.00
  • Learning Materials $30.84
  • Research: $59.20
  • Office Supplies: $94.84
  • Online/Website: $158.00
  • Playtesting; $104.36
  • Donations: $220

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