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The ultimate character-building, fighting card game!

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I'm looking really happy here.

Name: Alandra Morin

Check out my profile on Linkedin!

Proficiencies: Microsoft Office 2007 Suite, Adobe Illustrator, Artisteer, WordPress, HTML and CSS.


Education: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Certificate as a Computer Applications Specialist in Technical Documentation, Certified Nursing Assistant.


Here are some examples of websites I have designed using Artisteer to create a wordpress template.


mid oregon iec

Hobbies: Website Design, Card Game Design, Kenpo Karate, Gardening, Swimming, Drawing, Nutrition, Anime, Softball, Psychology, etc….


About Me: I have lots of interests in a variety of fields and often can’t decide on just one thing to work on. I love learning and creative endeavors as well as helping others. In my work and personal life I have often found that I have a nack for problem solving and organization and have found karacterzmaking websites to be a good fit for creating a structure that can support the needs of an individual or organization. I would love the opportunity to help you find a good creative design to meet your needs.


If you are interested in Alandra’s services please contact Alandra Morin by email at

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