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In order to make your own character the card game Karacterz has worked on creating an experience that is simple, efficient and fun. There are endless possibilities with many classes, backgrounds, masteries and stats. Each game experience can be as unique as you would like. Click to learn how to play Karacterz card game. Continue reading to see more about making your own character.

Make your own character using the Karacterz card game.


What is a character aka karacter?

A character is your avatar that you use during your game. You equip cards like stats, armor and weapons to your character but you also develop a more complete character by choosing a class, origin and masteries. Each aspect improves your character and allows you to fight against an opponent.


Character Classes

Class cards allow your character to pick a certain profession or identity. The character first requires certain stats and cards in order to declare a class. This is the most important attribute that your character can equip because it gives focus to the choices you make during the character creation phase as well as the combat phase of playing the game.

Sample Classes include:
– Martial Artist
– Blade Dancer
– Samurai
– Enforcer
– Mage
– Elementalist


Character Origin

Origin cards are meant to give a back story to your character and is the reason behind your characters decisions and skills. We intend to add more to this concept with future expansions that include the role of good and evil as well as cooperative play with other players.

Sample Origins include:
– Academy Graduate
– Ancient Tradition
– Prodigy
– Independently Studied


Character Masteries

Mastery cards are used to determine a characters strengths. This could be related to the use of certain weapons, magic or the way you use your combat deck.

Sample Masteries include:
-Dual-Wield Mastery
-Combat Mastery
-Stamina Mastery
-Armor Mastery
-Magic Item Mastery
-Boost Mastery



Character Weapon(s)/Shield(s)

Weapon cards  not only provide additional stats that will add to your damage in combat ( Magic/Agility/Physical).  There are also choices of having two-handed, one-handed and hidden weapons as well as equipping a shield card.

Sample Weapons/Shields include:
-Magic Staff
-Kite Shield

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