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The ultimate character-building, fighting card game!

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In Karacterz, every player builds a character from the cards they draw and they all fight each other to see who built the best fighter! Karacterz is played in two separate Phases: Phase 1 is when all players build their characters and Phase 2 is when everyone battles each other to win the game.

Setup Karacterz like this:


Turn the cards so the back of the cards are facing you. Place every card with the same symbol in the bottom middle on top of each other. You will have 7 piles of cards: Class, Core, Magic-IconAgility-IconPhysical-Icon, Support-Icon and the rest are what we’ll call the “Purple Cards”.

Karacterz Cards Separated


Flip the Class and Core cards so they are face up. Set aside the Phase 1/Phase 2 and the Symbol Guide/Class Requirement cards. Feel free to reference these cards at any time.

  • If you have them, this is a great time to set your placement mats on the table! Put both pages in your play area, like in the picture below.

Karacterz at Setup

Shuffle the Magic-IconAgility-IconPhysical-Icon and Support-Icon decks. Give each player a Half/Full Block, Boost and Attack card from the Purple Cards.

Karacterz at Setup

Each player chooses a Core card at random or by choice. Set aside all remaining Core cards.

Karacterz at Setup - Core cards chosen

In this game, Player 1 chose Male with a Magic bonus and Player 2 chose a Female with an Agility bonus.

Gather supplies to track damage piles for each player. We recommend coins as the easiest way to keep track of damage.

Karacterz at Setup - with poker chips to track damage

In this game, we use mini poker chips to keep track of damage.

Decide who goes first. Flip a coin, roll a die, rock-paper-scissors, etc.


Once you have finished setting up your Karacterz game, begin Phase 1! Click on the button below to learn how to play the first Phase and build your ultimate fighter.


Play Phase 1: Karacter Kreation


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