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Just to give you a little more anticipation for the Karacterz card game here are some playtester comments about the game.

What parts of the game did you like in particular?

  • “It’s fun to gauge other people’s powers and intentions and try to be resourceful with what you have.”
  • “Building a character then watching it destroy others.”
  • “Playing combos, making the characters.”
  • “I felt connected to my female mage. “
  • “Doing high damage. It helped me win.”
  • “There are a lot of subtle aspects to the game, that offer for different concepts of the game, different strategies, etc..”
  • “Phase 2 of the game. There was more opportunity to strategize.”
  • “Building the character. There are so many options for customization!
  • “I really liked building my character and inflicting damage.”
  • “It was awesome to see what different characters you could make and how effective they are. “
  • “Combat was enjoyable, especially with a well built Karacter. The different attacking types are interesting”
  • “Some of the spells had fun effects, and getting to do lots of damage is ALWAYS fun.”
  • “Character creation and combo play.”
  • “Rapid ability to play and allowing you (the player) to play like the character you created.”
  • “Meeting the criteria for a certain character. I’ve always enjoyed varied character games.”

With whom and where would you play this game?

  • with beer and conversation.
  • with a small group of friends.
  • friends while game testing.
  • Mostly friends, I would have to explain too much to my family.
  • with my family and/or friends while hanging out.
  • I would play with my friends anywhere (especially at small parties).
  • At board game nights.
  • with Matt.

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