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Welcome to the Official Competitions page for Karacterz! If you are interested in competing worldwide in the game of Karacterz, please e-mail us at

Here are the details regarding our competitions:

Current Competition:

Season One: Summer (June 5th through July 30th)

Scores and Rankings will go here starting June 11th!

Also note that Draft Style will be scored and their players ranked separately from those who play the game normally. This will be true for all Karacterz competitions!

Due to techincal difficulties, we have been unable to access our website for some time. During this time, we have been posting our exciting updates on our Facebook page. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and news!

Part of the fun in Karacterz is when all the cards you play on the table create a robust, epic fighter! To help keep track of their cards (and the rules!) many have praised our unique placement mat design. Instead of one big sheet that is difficult to keep flat, we split up the playing area into several smaller sections on two pages.

The original placement mats had a page that needed to be cut up. The advantage of this page is the ability to arrange the small sections to fit your game play style. You can check them out (and print!) them here. Since they are also designed print with as little ink as possible, they are not the most attractive placement mats.

That is why we designed our very special Premium Placement Mats! The premium mats are much better than the low-ink mats because:

  1. You don’t need to cut them up! The page is re-organized to fit and label every card you play.
  2. Features some of the best artwork in Karacterz!
  3. They are already printed! No need to do it yourself.

Don’t believe us? Check them out for yourself:

The last picture above shows the amazing artwork featured in the back of the Premium Placement Mats.

Here is what they look like when you build your epic fighter:

Like what you see? Get them for your own battles for only $3 a person +$5 per order for domestic shipping ($11 for two players, $17 for four). International shipping is more. Order your Premium Placement Mats by emailing us at

We can’t wait to hear about your experiences with these amazing Premium Placement Mats!


As we have previously announced on Facebook, we have uploaded a demonstration of Karacterz, showcasing the rules and the flow of gameplay.


If you would like to watch the demonstration in one video, watch the video below!


If you would like to watch the demonstration as a playlist of shorter videos, click on the video below!


The demonstration is designed to show you ALL the rules of Karacterz, even though some are not usually played in a normal game. So what you see in this video is the most complicated a game of Karacterz CAN be. In fact, there are some rules you can play without and still play a very fun and fair game.

That’s the beauty of Karacterz: it is designed to work WITH you and not force you to bend over backwards to learn all the rules. We’ve played many games of Karacterz without combos and using the powers of Stat cards and it was still lots of fun. Some people appreciate not having to do so much math to play their games.

We hope you enjoy the videos!

In our demonstration of Karacterz (check out previous post for the links!), we use placements mats. The photos of this post are those placement mats! These mats help keep your play area organized, labeled and reminds you of the limitations when building your ultimate fighter.


You can download them here as a PDF:


Not only that, but these mats are completely customizable to fit your comfort and play style! Just print, cut along the dotted lines and around the Discard Pile and Combat Deck in the second photo and place on the table as you like! Each copy is for one player.

Placement mat for most of the cards that add permanent bonuses to your karacter.

Placement mat for most of the cards that add permanent bonuses to your karacter.

The placement mat for your Stat and Combat cards as well as Weapons/Shields and Discard Pile.

The placement mat for your Stat and Combat cards as well as Weapons/Shields and Discard Pile.











Please let us know if you have any questions. Also, those interested in trying out Karacterz, Matt is open this summer and would love to play the game with you! We will not charge and are open to play over Skype if you’re not local. Email Matt at if you’re interested in playing Karacterz with the lead game designer and we can set up a date and time to play!