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This page is where you can find every review of Karacterz!

Landratt, LLC has and will never sway the opinions of others. All reviews are honest and represent the author’s unfiltered opinions of the ultimate character-building, fighting card game.

The Purge

The Purge Reviews is all about if the game is worth buying and keeping or throwing it away. There is also a written version of this review.

Result: Keeper



A written review by Jeff Provine. Jeff is a professor, writer and game enthusiast.

“With each game offering a new build with a fresh strategy for victory, Karacterz is as addictive as it is creative.”

Result: 80/100


Father Geek

A written review by Father Geek. This site is written by dads who play tabletop games with their children. Games are scored based on if the kids liked it, parents liked it and the hardcore gamers as well.

Result: It is important to note there was a misinterpretation of the rules, resulting in a drastically different game experience. Instead of giving each player a set of Half/Full Block, Boost and Attacks cards, they shuffled one set into each deck. This resulted in a much more simple and repetitive play.