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We have received lots of positive feedback from our donors and gifters! We’re glad you appreciate our tokens of thanks and the direction we’re going with your investments!


That said, we are still in need for additional support to obtain all the artwork we need to make Karacterz a reality. We are in the works of setting up a sponsorship program. In this program, we will print your name or business on a playing card for the Karacterz card game that was paid for with your contribution.  Not only that, but you’ll receive a quality, physical print of that illustration along with our personalized letter of thanks!
Better yet, we will include illustrations yet to be revealed, making you the first person to see some amazing artwork! Below is a picture of illustrations we sent to our gifters and donors.


We hire freelance artists from around the world and we pay them fairly based on the quality and complexity of the illustration as well as the artists experience and skill level! To make this possible, we would need to receive a minimum gift of $50 and a maximum gift of $400. With that money we would make sure your name and/or business will forever be printed in the Karacterz’s card game upon public release. Please let us know if you’re interested in the sponsorship program before donating. We’re only going to start the program once there is enough interest to make it worthwhile.


We have worked hard for the past 6 years to get Karacterz this far! We have big plans for this game, including releasing it into distribution networks as well as some very exciting future releases we’ve already started working on.


Like this page on Facebook and spread the word if you think this is a good idea. If we generate enough interest and likes into our sponsorship program, we will launch our first Kickstarter!


Thank you to all our fans, friends and family for all their support so far!


PS: We also accept artwork donations for the game as long as the artist is willing to sign a legal agreement and meets our artwork requirements. We reserve the right to decline any donations. Thank you!

This is the illustrations we printed and sent to our gifters and donors as thanks.

These are the illustrations we printed and sent to our gifters and donors as thanks.

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